PANK Magazine :: 9.7 // July 2014 :: As if from a Satellite in Distant Space, on a Winter Night by SUMITA CHAKRABORTY

Most of all,                                        it is you I miss, you,
and owls,           you,       and the snap of cold                      in late February,
I brake beneath an overpass      when a train       travels on it,
overhead, noise, within, more                                 in a poem once I read the line:
“When I say ‘you’           in my poems,
I mean you,”                    this too is true of me,  and my poems
Hold close me now,                          I tell the train-sound,
I will here sit until I can again to            you say, to you again
I say it is you that I need, and underneath
the weight          of the keening wind, rail-tracks              each time
your name I speak to myself I press my lips to dirt,                                 to infant
mosses                              in the heart of the eye of an owl is a world,
in the world       what I see is you, … [more.]

Cassandra Troyan / Johannes Göransson Performance - today!

HAPPENING TODAY: a performance by Cassandra Troyan and Johannes Göransson at MCA Chicago’s Word Weekend.

"We thought it would be interesting to put the minds of Cassandra Troyan and Johannes Göransson in a room and see what collaborative performance they’d come up with. The result: “Beware of a Holy Whore.”

Channeling a conversation between the ruins of the Cold War with Berlin as the epicenter of erotic destruction and the prostitute as the figure of survival and economic post-war flourishing, “BEWARE OF A HOLY WHORE” is a psychosexual remapping of desire and capital. Using the figures of Fassbinder’s BRD Trilogy and other filmic and cultural sources, the whore becomes a woman to be revered rather than shunned as she presides over a funeral for capitalism and the city, as a future site of freedom and joy.”

Check it out here.